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May 17 2021
Feet, Thighs & Pits + PRIDE Does Us Proud + Guo Wengui, Conspiracy Titan + Rick Schroder & Eric Clapton Get Even Worse + How To Pick Up A NERDY BEAR & MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Everyone should have a great-aunt like this

BELOW: Keep reading for a tennis show-off, Pride alert, a threat to abortion rights, bad actors Rick Schroder and Eric Clapton, UAPs are the new UFOs and more ...

Cameron-henricy-boycultureI'm sure he is only accidentally offering up feet, thighs and pits. (Image via Instagram)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Tennis wrap-up, disrobing, showing off and more.

JOE.MY.GOD.: When Trump lost, he apparently wanted to weaken the U.S. exponentially by sowing chaos, withdrawing our troops from conflicts (yay) and from strategic areas (uh ...). Many in the military, including Trumpers, blanched. His wishes were made known in a North Korea-style memo, the subject of which was “what your president wants you to do.”

CITIZENS FOR ETHICS: Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump made up to $640M while in the White House, which is another reason why I don't want to hear that Marcia Fudge violated the Hatch Act. 

Pride-fx-gay-lgbt-lgbtq-boycultureIn the name of the love that dare not speak its name. (Image via FX)

FX: Pride, several episodes of which are currently available on FX and Hulu, is well worth your time. It's a far more well-rounded, contextualized look at the LGBTQ rights movement, how it came about, who drove it, shortcomings of various elements of it and where it led. All the usual major names and factions are there, but many you've probably not heard of also appear.

WAPO: We need to fix the issue of Guo Wengui, a self-exiled Chinese national whose online network — with close ties to Steve Bannon and other bad actors — has been pushing anti-vaxxer, election-fraud and QAnon conspiracies on dumb-ass Americans. It's funny how the right-wingers are so, so, so anti-China and think Biden is pro-China ... and yet a Chinese billionaire (or ex-billionaire) is behind a lot of these conspiracies, which weaken the U.S. and which strengthen, well, China among others.

HUFF POST: Say goodbye to Roe v. Wade, conservative women who consistently vote for Republicans.

ROLLING STONE: Eric Clapton, already a shut-down foe, now claims he suffered terribly from ... the vaccine.

YOUTUBE: UAPs aka UFOs are real, the Pentagon admits. And 60 Minutes is full alien-autopsy over it:

More here.

TWITTER: Rick Schroder apologized for using that Costco employee to make his point — then went on a long, unhinged, white supremacist rant the likes of which would make Mel Gibson blush.

YOUTUBE: Matt Goss and Daniel Franzese are teaming up for the Markaholic Remix of “Nerdy Bear”:

i-D: Revenge dressing is a thing.

Kill-bill-uma-thurman-boycultureWorks within the movie, and against Harvey Weinstein. (Image via Miramax)

INSTAGRAM (FOLLOWS APPRECIATED): Flashing back to 1979, when Sugar Babies was born: