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Jun 28 2021
Family Brands Boy As GAY ASS BITCH + Lil Nas X's Emasculation Proclamation + Barr Turns On Trump + Gay NFLers Of The '90s? + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Kaia Gerber (beautiful daughter of beautiful Cindy Crawford and beautiful Rande Gerber) has, surprisingly, picked a beautiful boyfriend.

Plugged In Jake Taylor Man's Best Feb boyculture 1996img20210616_15581808Below, all the freshest links your ... I think computer ... can handle! (Image via Wash West Prod.)

BELOW: Keep reading for the worst family ever, Lil Nas X's shenanigans for change, Bill Barr turning on Trump and more...

METRO WEEKLY: A 12-year-old Georgia boy berated by his own family — who shaved “GAY” into his hair and called him a “gay ass bitch” on social media — has been placed in protective custody.

TWITTER: Lil Nas X continues to be very, very good at Twitter:

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: Too many LGBTQ people are now more interested in comfort — their shows, their socializing — to really get that the first Pride parade was a liberation march, and it was beautiful chaos.

“The homosexual who wants to live a life of self-fulfillment in our current society has all the cards stacked against them. Gay Liberation is for the homosexual who refuses to accept such a condition. Gay Liberation is for the homosexual who stands up, and fights back.” — 1970 Gay Liberation Front flyer

THE ATLANTIC: Inside Bill Barr's repudiation of Trump, which came too late in the game to mean much. Barr now says Trump's claims of election fraud were “bullshit,” and reveals McConnell had been urging Barr to say so soon after the election, which McConnell knew had been lost. Why? Not because it was the right thing to do, but because then McConnell felt the Republicans could more easily win both Georgia Senate elections — which they wound up losing. Repulsive, and Trumpism lives on and on.

Trump wasn't thrilled with Barr then, isn't thrilled now.

P.S. The other reason McConnell wanted Trump's lies about election fraud to end was that he felt they were damaging the GOP. I don't think they have — the GOP is brazenly pushing on with that very same narrative, and could easily win back the House in 2022, even with crackpots and Q Anon dopes leading the charge.

WAPO: Today, Monday, is reportedly the day by which Trump Org attorneys must file to persuade prosecutors not to file criminal charges.

THE HILL: Sounds like we almost got lucky here.

AXIOS: These are the organizations that have given money to election-objector interests — and Toyota is #1 by far. That is grounds for a lifetime boycott. This isn't about giving to Republicans, this is about giving to destroy-the-republic-ans.

MSNBC: “Openly gay” is now considered offensive. It has for a while. Gonna take me a while to get past it, as I find it very useful, though I have mostly transitioned to “out.”

TOWLEROAD: President Biden has named OutRight Action International executive director Jessica Stern as America's LGBTQIA+ Special Envoy.

CLARION LEDGER: Nearly 60 years after the Mississippi Burning murders, the Mississippi Dept. of Archives and History has made public volumes of files on the case.

EXTRATV: Cardi B announces pregnancy by unveiling baby bump live on the BET Awards. Yes, she let that miserable SOB Offset knock her up again.

TMZ: NFL veteran Bruce Smith lets slip that in the mid-'90s there were two gay players on the Bills while he speaks in support of Carl Nassib.