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Jun 28 2021
According To The NFL, FOOTBALL IS GAY + Al Gores Trump + A Barry Personal Question + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Happy 51 to Steve Burton — and more like this here, if you follow.

BELOW: Keep reading for the NFL's pro-gay ad, Pride walk defaced, Al Gores Trump and more ...

Football-is-gay-boyculture-nfl-carl-nassibCould you imagine this happening 30 years ago? How about 5 years ago?! (Image via NFL)

YOUTUBE: I don't care what anyone says about corporations paying lip service to LGBTQ rights — it is always, always worth it. Having the NFL put out an ad that states FOOTBALL IS GAY is fucking good:

YAHOO! NEWS: Canadian Pride walkway vandalized same day it was created.

FACEBOOK: Ricky Martin says he lost followers and received derogatory comments simply for posting images of himself with painted nails this past week.

YOUTUBE: Former VP — should be former P — Al Gore makes a final plea for Trump to stop his bullshit.

EXTRATV: Jamie Lynn Spears is defending her previous silence on the issue of her sister Britney's mental health and conservatorship status.

YOUTUBE: Good grief, the expressions on their faces when Andy Cohen asked Scott Nevins whether he ever had a fling with ... Barry Manilow! (Forget the age difference, what about Barry's Republicanism?!)

Scott-Nevins-Barry-Manilow-boycultureIs Scott Nevins a Manilover?! (Image via video still)