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Jun 02 2021
Happy Birthday To Super-Duper Dominic Cooper: Is There A Better Butt In Hollywood? Comments (0)

Via MrMan: It’s entirely possible you don’t know sultry English hottie Dominic Cooper by name, but once you get a look at his near perfect cakes, you will remember him ...

Speaking of cake ... Mr. Cooper (and his perky pooper) are celebrating 43 years on the planet today.

Dominic got his start on stage in 2001, but it was his 2005 appearance in a banned commercial for  Durex condoms that really got our imagination going. And yes, we like a man that advocates for covering your stump before you hump. 

Mr. Cooper is possibly best known for his role as the handsome Sky in the 2008 musical Mamma Mia!, though we do wonder why the director cut out the sexy scene featuring the top half of his scrumptious rump from the final film.

Not to worry, it makes it onto the special features of the DVD.

In The Devil’s Double (2011) the beautiful Brit's booty finally makes its big-screen debut during a medical examination.

When it comes to Mr. Cooper we'd happily examine him any day.