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Jun 18 2021
BOY CULTURE On List Of 200 Best LGBTQ+ Films + Queer Reading List + DeAngelo Jackson Debuts BEING BLACK IN PORN Doc + Michaela Jaé's New Music + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Whatever is up with Madonna — she is planning something for June 24 in NYC — is appears to be connected to the boutique management co. the Jeffries.

BELOW: Keep reading for Boy Culture (the movie) getting honored by Rotten Tomatoes, a queer summer reading list, a new doc on Being Black in Porn, a plea for Pose and more ...

Boy Culture movie still darryl stephens shirtless derek magyar gay jonathon trent boycultureDarryl Stephens, Derek Magyar & Jonathon Trent from the 2004 shoot. (Image via Boy Culture, LLC)

ROTTEN TOMATOES: I'm so honored Boy-Culture-poster-gay-boycultureto see that Rotten Tomatoes has included Boy Culture among its 200 Best LGBTQ+ Movies of All Time. It is a wonderful list that has some shockers (Parting Glances and Brokeback Mountain way too low! Dallas Buyers Club way too high!) but that has a pretty spectacular Top 20, one that doesn't forget docs like Portrait of Jason and, of course, Paris Is Burning.

Number one of all time is Moonlight, which is richly deserved.

Boy Culture sits at 70% Fresh on, and I've always been proud of how well-received that movie was (and is). The series sequel, which seems like it's been in the works forever, is going to be seen publicly THIS YEAR. This summer. Announcement coming. Fingers crossed.

VARIETY: The ultimate LGBTQ+ reading guide from Variety's Anna Tingley is a list of recent queer books to liven your June and broaden your queerizons. Also, please buy my books Boy Culture — you may want to wait until Amazon gets it together and offers this POD title for $25 again — and Blind Items: A (Love) Story if you haven't!

And don't forget to check out my advertiser, Cody Blackheart, if you're looking for steamy queer reads.

Hugh-ryan-when-brooklyn-was-queer-abdi-nazemian-like-a-love-story-gay-books-boycultureTwo of a kind (Images via Balzer + Bray & St. Martin's Press)

INSTAGRAM: DeAngelo Jackson is Noir-male-shirtless-gay-porn-boyculturepromoting the new doc Being Black in Porn, which sounds fascinating and — from the trailer reveal today — like an important, measured, intimate conversation about how Black men are viewed, used and commodified in gay porn.

This came up in my mind again recently (I used to work in print porn) when I was unloading a bunch of slides I had from 30-45 years ago. I was remembering how Black models were always relegated to being a side dish, and photo shoots often subtly (or not!) played up subservience.

Or go back to the late '80s and I remember porn like Who Dat Boy? and, a bit later, a Malcolm X-themed porn that erupted in controversy.

Speaking of which, Max Konnor — who figures prominently in the doc — is viewable live tonight, Friday, June 18, with Xavier Zane:

Max-Konnor-Go-DeeperAnother kind of documentary ... (Image via Falcon & Cam4)

GLAAD: GLAAD is releasing a letter backed by a slew of other orgs urging Emmy voters to take Pose — which ended its third and final season — seriously, arguing that honoring the show commensurate with its value and its uniqueness is an “opportunity to make history.”

Below, Michaela Jaé (aka MJ Rodriguez) talks with GLAAD about how important and gratifying it would be for Pose to rake in some Emmy nominations. So far, Billy Porter has been blessed by Emmy, but everyone else has been ignored. I think, being honest, at least MJ and Indya Moore are worthy, and the series, too. Look at the stuff that gets nominated — if people think junk like Ted Lasso is good, Pose is worthy, baby:

BROADWAY BARES: I'm sad that there wasn't time for Broadway Bares to be in the flesh this year, but the virtual Broadway Bares: Twerk from Home — premiering online June 20 — will include special appearances by Harvey Fierstein, J. Harrison Ghee, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Robyn Hurder, Peppermint and Jelani Remy, so that's something. I hope they go live again next year, though — this work-from-home trend is dangerous when you're talking about burlesque!


YOUTUBE: The new Joe Bell trailer is heavy on the Lady Gaga as, I guess, an antidote to the Mark Wahlberg: