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Jun 16 2021
Coming Out X 3 + Neil Patrick Harris's Shirtless B'day + Gay Erotica Classic Unearthed + SCHITT'S CREEK Movie After All?! + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: More just like him HERE.

BELOW: Keep reading for a sad loss, a shirtless birthday, three jocks coming out as queer and more ...

Jason-brown-gay-olympian-figure-skater-boycultureWhat's an ice boy like him ... ? (Image via Instagram)

OUTSPORTS: It's always in threes — coming-out statements by figure skaters, not celebrity deaths!

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: I wonder who had a better time on Neil Patrick Harris's 48th — him or his smitten hubby?

BBC: How previously secret gay lives are coming to the fore.

DISCOURSE BLOG: Cringe-worthy, cynical marketing? Touching personal stories of heartbreak? Or both?! Any which way, the Old Gays are in their seventies, and they're making bank.

Gay-equation-to-unknown-boycultureNarrator: But he wasn't for long ... (Image via PinkLabel.TV)

PINKLABEL.TV: Equation to an Unknown, a long-lost 1980 erotic classic, is available 40 years later on PinkLabel.TV:

This long-lost masterpiece of gay erotic cinema centers on a handsome young stud who rides his motorcycle through myriad of sexual encounters, from a soccer game’s locker room to a dreamy and unsettling orgy where the film reaches its melancholic peak.

Newly scanned in 2K from the original camera negative and directed with absolute grace by the mysterious Dietrich de Velsa (aka Francis Savel/Frantz Salieri), this former painter was also the owner and artistic director of one of the first transvestites’ cabaret of Paris, La Grande Eugène. Years later, he collaborated with Joseph Losey on Mr. Klein and Don Giovanni. Equation to an Unknown (Équation à un inconnu) is his only film and stands without a doubt as a masterpiece and the best French gay adult film ever made.

LANSING CITY PULSE: Lansing, Michigan, had a rich queer history — who knew?! Not this kid from nearby Flushing, Michigan.

GAY TIMES: Dan Levy's SCHITTS-CREEK-boyculture-daniel-levyfingers are tightly crossed for a Schitt's Creek movie.

EW: RuPaul's Drag Race star Laganja Estranja comes out as trans.

NYDN: New York City is finally ready to relocate homeless citizens from hotels back into shelters. Probably too late to keep Eric Adams from becoming mayor.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Cristiano Ronaldo retakes focus from offending Coca-Cola containers, which almost got away with it.

KENNETH IN THE (212): You're right, he's making a pass at you.

EXTRATV: So awful that actress Lisa Banes, who was struck 10 days before by a lawless scooter driver, died yesterday of her injuries.