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Jun 11 2021
GRAB Some + Meet The Sexiest Actor You've Never Heard Of + Director Chris Landon Beats Cancer + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: And just like that, Kim Cattrall who?

BELOW: Keep reading for Chris Landon's cancer scare, a night with Billy Porter, the sexiest actor you've never heard of and more...

Grab-gay-magazine-abs-boycultureAbs-olutely proud (Image via Grab)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Grab, the Chicago LGBTQ mag, is back post-pandemic, and celebrating Pride. Plus: More mags of the week.

INSTAGRAM: Let me intro you to the late John Bromfield's ... well ... EVERYTHING.

THE HILL: The DOJ is not, in fact, zealously guarding the structures of homophobia in a prominent lawsuit after all. I continue to believe Merrick Garland is clearing the decks for bigger game, and that upsetting developments along the way are mostly going to fall by the wayside or are procedural and won't indicate the ultimate direction of the department under him. I hope.

WOW REPORT: Lea DeLaria wants to save America's last remaining lesbian bars — somehow, there are only 21 in the country!

INSTAGRAM: Freaky director Chris Landon randomly discovered he had kidney cancer, was rushed into surgery and is on the mend. Imaging, imaging, imaging. Don't be shy to figure out how to get it every couple of years.

REGISTRATION HERE: Sign up for An Evening with Billy Porter: HIV/AIDS, COVID-19 and Nurses Tackling the Health Equity Gap, coming on the 40th anniversary of the first AIDS diagnosis. The evening includes a screening of the doc 5B, about nurses working their asses off to provide care to those hardest hit and least looked after in the early years of the AIDS pandemic.

Billy-Porter-boyculture(Image via Johnson & Johnson)