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Jun 13 2021
Bubba's Bulge Revealed! + OK Dad OK With Gay Son + Kamala Becomes 1st Sitting VP In LGBTQ Pride Parade + RIP Ned Beatty + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Hope you sucked a cock in honor of Paul Lynde's birthday!

BELOW: An '80s actor with a killer bulge opens up about what's going on down there, Kamala makes LGBTQ history, an OK dad is A-OK with his gay son and more ...

Allan-kayser-bulge-boycultureHe claims the jeans were an optical illusion ... (Image via video still)

INKANSASCITY: My favorite Allan Kayser interview in forever is with Allan Kayser, Bubba on Mama's Family, who was recently quizzed about his character's ree-DICK-ulously tight jeans on the series, saying modestly:

I always wore 501s and to this day it’s my pants of choice. I get comments about those jeans all the time, but there’s really not that much going down there. Maybe the camera adds, you know, 10 pounds? [Laughs] They weren’t that snug. Maybe they just fit right? 501s fit me perfectly. They’re comfy. And I’m not bragging here, but I’m still wearing the same size I did back then.


Happy Pride Month to y’all, especially to my son! Love you @cadenwyatt12 ##pridemonth ##pride2021🏳️‍🌈 ##ally ##prouddad ##proudmom Just do you boo…❤️

♬ Born This Way - Lady Gaga

TIKTOK: An Oklahoma dad proudly proclaims he and his son are fixin' to shock their neighborhood with their LGBTQ flag.

Boyculture-hate-crime-gay-Pretty easily IDable (Image via Metropolitan Police)

WAPO: D.C. cops are looking for the above suspect, wanted in a machete-wielding hate crime.

BOSTON GLOBE: Boston gay couple gets community support after many years of constant harassment.

EXTRATV: VP Harris has become the first sitting VP to march in an LGBTQ Pride event, marching at Capital Pride Saturday with Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff, and using the occasion to advocate for the passage of the Equality Act — and to stick up for trans rights.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Trump spied on his own White House counsel, Don McGahn.

HUFF POST: Naftali Bennett has formally replaced Benjamin Netanyahu as PM of Israel.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Cub in shorts.

POLITICO: Speaker Pelosi is far more optimistic about Sen. Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) than just about anybody else.

Ned-Beatty-Deliverance-boycultureHe elevated everything in which he appeared. Which was everything. (Image via Warner Bros.)

EXTRATV: RIP Ned Beatty, 83. Raped on film in Deliverance, and yet still not Oscar-nominated for it.

BUZZFEED: Man who wouldn't wear his mask over his nose and who spit on someone who called him on it is sentenced to 10 years behind bars for the spitting and for physically attacking his foe in a store parking lot. Was it worth it?

SOCIALITE LIFE: Surefire Oscar nominee Anthony Ramos looked hot at the premiere of In the Heights, which is a total delight if you haven't caught it in a theater or on HBO Max yet.