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Jun 24 2021
Gay Chorus Granddaddy Remembered + Madonna's Pride $ecret Is Out + Bipartisan Senate Breakthrough + Jimmie Herrod Slays AGT + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

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BELOW: Keep reading for a gay trailblazer in the music world, Madonna's secret revealed, a bipartisan breakthrough in the Senate and more ...

Boyculture-Jon-Reed-Sims-obit-766x1536In 1984, his death made headlines — he'd been a favorite of a woman who is now a Senate institution. (Image via SF Sentinel)

OHIO CAPITAL JOURNAL: Remembering Jon Reed Sims, whose creation of the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus kicked off a trend in gay choruses for decades to come.

INDIEWIRE: Trump actually wanted the DOJ and the FCC to force SNL to stop mocking him.

YOUTUBE: Britney Spears's full testimony — audio — has been leaked. She does not sound crazy at all:

Perez Hilton's apology tour is not well-reviewed.

HUFF POST: Rudy Giuliani has been suspended from practicing law in New York over demonstrably “false and misleading statements.”

THE HILL: Moderate Democrat Eric Adams is declaring himself “the face of the new Democratic Party” after winning 32% of the vote in the NYC mayoral race; he is not yet the official winner, since ranked-choice voting could change things.

POLITICO: Biden announces bipartisan infrastructure deal!

ABC NEWS: Pelosi announces select committee to investigate the January 6 assault.

GQ: Joshua Bassett, the Disney star who offhandedly observed recently that Harry Styles is “hot,” was not joking — which some thought to be the case. He also tells GQ:

People don’t realize that this is all very new to me. I haven’t been in the public eye for long. I always had a pretty feminine sort of energy in my life. My sisters would put me in a Snow White dress and have me run around my house.

ATTITUDE: Gus Kenworthy is getting really bad advice — his palling around with Colton Underwood on reality TV isn't going to move him in a positive direction. Just my prediction.

Madonna-Ricardo-Gomes-auction-boyculture(Image via GalaBid)

WWD: Ricardo Gomez, the latest scenester Madonna had taken into her coterie, shot three Polaroids that are currently being auctioned for LGBTQ causes (she will sign them, too), including one of Madonna's titties. GAY RIGHTS, PEOPLE! The event tonight at the Standard is a private party, at which Madonna and Gomes will unveil their arty pride video No fear, Courage. Resist. — which his expected to be viewable elsewhere, including on the Times Square screens:

M has been repeating and reinventing what she has been saying since Day One of her career. We’re working around that [idea] — freedom, expressing yourself, being who you are, believing in what you want to be, trusting yourself, being mindful, powerful and love each other. Those are the most important messages. Love is love and everyone should just accept each other for who they are. It’s meant to be a celebratory video. It’s the perfect moment to have this video. We worked on it for Pride for this message.

Interview Magazine confirms further details, including that the Ali Forney Center, Haus of Us and The Door as beneficiaries of Madonna's largesse.

Bid on the Polaroids here. No idea when the auction ends — there is no indication of that.

MCNY: New York, New Music: 1980-1986 spotlights a time of creative upheaval in NYC.

YOUTUBE: Gay Black singer Jimmie Herrod surprised the judges on America's Got Talent with his lovely, slightly reimagined rendition of  “Tomorrow” from Annie — Simon Cowell's least favorite song of all time: