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Jun 13 2021
Table Of Contents May Have Shifted: The Mind-Blowing Magazine Archive Of Dr. Steven Lomazow Comments (0)

Lomazow-boycultureI own the Madonna and Keith Haring magazines from this Lomazow tableau!.(Image via video still)

This piece from today's CBS Sunday Morning profiling Dr. Steven Lomazow, who owns 83,000 magazines, struck a chord with me.

For most of my life, I was a magazine junkie. I would buy a dozen or more new titles every week, devouring their design, their content, their personality. I would keep the ones I liked best, or — more commonly — keep tear sheets. I still have a gigantic collection of tear sheets that I recently digitized.

I liked magazines enough that they became the core of my eventual career, first in porn, then in teen magazines. Fifteen-plus years spent in their conception and production.

I also still do own a lot of magazines, though I have not regularly bought from the newsstand in a regular way in years. My collection of beefcake and gay-related magazines is no longer special, but I do have well over 2,000 Madonna cover magazines. Interestingly, one of the magazines Lomazow pulled for a recent exhibition of his collection was the first magazine to feature Madonna on its full cover — Island (1983).

We will never go back to magazines. They were a democratic institution that was eventually voted out. I miss them, and more than that, I miss that love I had for them. I can't be bothered to read a new magazine, let alone buy one, but I do still stoke the embers of that passion by continuing to acquire vintage Madonna covers.

Like Dr. Lomazow, I have a lot of magazines — but also like him, I will never have all of the ones I want. Collectors, hoarders, archivists are all intertwined, and we all share a desire to acquire that fills some kind of hole, harmless or otherwise.

More about Lomazow's American-slanted archive, which specializes in first issues, here.