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Jul 03 2021
Britney Spears Gets Ronan Farrowed + Tom Holland Has A Girlfriend? + Trans Man's Parents Stage A Coming-Out + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Hard to believe.

BELOW: Keep reading for Britney, Tom Holland, Zendaya and more ...

Elle-britney-spears-boyculturePropaganda (Image via Elle)

NEW YORKER: Britney Spears gets the Ronan Farrow treatment — and again, it would appear the #FreeBritney crazies were not so crazy after all. I don't have the impression that Britney is totally well, but I definitely have the impression she's been taken advantage of by a series of unscrupulous people, most of all her father, in a most un-American way.

GOTHAMIST: American LGBTQ+ Museum coming to Manhattan!

HUFF POST: Armed militia shuts down a highway.

INSTAGRAM: KJ Apa comes out of his shell:

SOCIALITE LIFE: So ... Tom Holland and Zendaya, huh?

INSTAGRAM: A young trans man is validated by his parents: