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Jul 10 2021
Finding Your CALL CENTER: New Rom-Com Series Is On The Line Comments (0)

Call-center-brendan-daugherty-boyculture-gayCall them! (Image via Maxipad Productions)

My friend Brendan Daugherty has just dropped his first digital series, the very funny rom-com with a twist (of Tampa), Call Center.

Watch all eight (short) episodes here.

Based on a wretched-sounding job he once had, Call Center stars Brendan as a young man engaged to be married to a yoga bully (Alex Engelbert), but whose heart seems otherwise engaged with his co-worker Lucas (Brendan Solovey) in a highly unrewarding office setting that even Michael Scott would have a hard time making worse.

Stand-outs in the ensemble include Jes Dugger Agnes DiPesto-ing it up as receptionist Katie, Deborah Rose as drily funny Pretty Girl (if you're going to choose your own name, branding is key) and Briana Moten as their Type A-hole personality boss lady.

The cast is rounded out by Darius Harper, Marc Lombardo, Maggie Houlihan, Emily Roff, Devony DiMattia, Annie Shaner, Erica Di Loreto, Geno Bisconte and Aleea Bowman.

Call Center is worth answering and is no scam — it has genuine heart.