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Jul 08 2021
Celebrating Pride From Home With A Mini Party Comments (0)

Lgbtq-pride-flag-boyculture(Image via Matthew Rettenmund)

Celebrating improvements and progressions over time and embracing love no matter what your color, creed, or sexual preference is a good excuse for a mini party. You can, of course, throw an all-out party but you don’t have to; you can have just a few friends round and create a stylish mini party for those select few.

Why You Need to Celebrate

LGBT events and parties can be held throughout June to honor the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan. There is also the need to celebrate life and remember those who have lost their lives though HIV, AIDS, and even hate crimes. You need to celebrate the month of Pride to look at, and recognize, how important and valued people are from every background — whether they are lesbian, bisexual, gay, or transgender.

Deciding What Type of Party You Want to Host

Now that you know why you have to celebrate Pride, you need to decide what type of party you want to host. You know you want a mini party, but do you want a theme for your party? What do you want your event to look like? If you do not decide what type of party you want then you could end up with a bit of mishmash of styles and themes, which might not look as good as you thought it would.

What Your Party Must Include

After settling on a theme or style you now need to think about what else your mini party must have, including food and drinks. So, are you going to have a mini bar open and accessible to your guests, or are you going to serve up classic cocktails? The theme and style of party that you go for will help determine the kinds of food and drink you offer. Once you have sorted out the food and drink you next need to move onto the entertainment and games. Will you want all the games to be fully interactive between guests using a gaming platform, or will you want to use a gaming website that features the most popular classic slots, which everyone can have fun playing and having a go on? What type of games are suitable for your guests to play on?

Decorating Your Home

How your home looks and feels sets the tone for the whole party so what decorations are you going to put up? Are you going down the store-bought route or are you going down the handmade and homemade with love route? Pride is colorful and is an expression of love and acceptance, so it is vital that your decorations reflect and respect this.

Getting Family and Friends Involved

Even mini parties can be time-consuming and stressful to plan, so, whenever you can you must get others involved to help ease the pressure and burden on your shoulders. Utilizing the support of others and taking advantage of their skills and attributes will help you pull off a fantastic Pride celebration, even at the last minute.