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Jul 09 2021
NYC's Basement Is Flooded — In The Bad Way Comments (0)

People are enraged about the NYC subway system flooding thanks to Elsa, and that is reasonable — a scene such as the one above is hard to accept after a year of living in one of the most expensive cities in the world with no significant rent or other abatements during a crippling pandemic.

Still, it is an underground system, and water is going to go down, and Elsa is not a daily event.

It makes people wonder, of course, what happens when climate change moves along and Elsas are more common.

(Also, I know not everyone can afford to take a taxi or call an Uber, but what would make you wade into chest-high water in a subway to get to a train that is also underground, and possibly in danger of flooding? Your kids at home? A desire to be recorded to make a point? I just can't believe anyone would do this.)