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Jul 16 2021
Gay Cheer Coach's Former Students Want Him B-A-C-K + 18-Year-Old Spaces Out + Black Caucus Chair Arrested + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Still ain't out.

BELOW: Keep reading for a gay coach's controversial firing, the stupidest $pace development yet and more ...

PATCH: Gay cheer coach fired, Michael-henderson-cheer-boyculturebut his team wants him back. (Plus, it's really hard not to hire a cheer coach who is gay.)

LGBTQ NATION: You know which issue REALLY gets Sen. Lindsey Graham crackers? CHICK-FIL-A.

AOL: Like a sideshow — Jeff Bezos's upcoming manned space flight will include the oldest and youngest people ever to go into space after one of his $28M-paying space tourists bailed and some rich guy's 18-year-old son is being allowed to fill in.

POLITICO: The Black Caucus Chair was arrested and cuffed for a minor protest — but members of the House who facilitated the January 6 insurrection go free.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Bunch of '70s and '80s guys in swimsuits from Battle of the Network Stars.

Michael-j-fox-boycultureStone-cold Michael J. Fox (GIF via GIPHY)

HUFF POST: I see so many people freaking out about non-binary and trans people — including gay men, by the way — and yet ... GLAAD  has found that zero trans characters popped up in Hollywood movies last year. For the fourth year in a row.

Boyculture-trash-vintage-movie-poster-original-french-small-23x32-1437It's not that hard, and it's been done before! (Image via NYIFF)