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Jul 21 2021
Hot Gossip: GOSSIP GIRL Reboot = Fire Comments (0)

Via MrMan: The Gossip Girl reboot is here, and it is given us gay sexual tension for the gods. A sexy scene with Thomas Doherty and Evan Mock is filled with so much sexual tension that it's actually very hot ... and then there is the sauna scene! While the original Gossip Girl starred plenty of sexy men (hello, Chace Crawford!) the reboot is where you'll find some great male nudity ...

Evan Mock and Thomas Doherty undress in front of one another and seem to really enjoy this, doing it across from one another very slowly and seductively. Each stares at the other and licks his lips while watching the other  get down to his skivvies. The sexual tension is thicc. This scene is hot, and we have it right here.

And then … there’s this recent shower scene which got us all wet. Thomas shows off his bare ass while talking to Evan in the locker room. Thomas then does a hilarious job of covering his junk with a hand towel, eventually sharing a kiss with Evan. It’s hot and here’s the entire clip!