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Jul 31 2021
Olympian Owes It All To Gay Dad + ROLLING STONE's Greatest Music Videos Of All Time + Dionne Warwick Praises Madonna + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Biehn there.

BELOW: Keep reading for the Olympian whose gay dad saved him, the best music videos of all time and more ...

Jordan-windle-olympian-boycultureGiven a second chance, he became a champion. (Image via video still)

YAHOO! NEWS: This orphan was adopted by a gay man in Cambodia — and is now a U.S. Olympian.

VICE: Craig Jenkins on the fight for whether homophobia will continue to be accepted in hip-hop.

TMZ: Crazed dermatologist arrested after viral rant against gay men.

Tumblr_b14bfd43e1704f5d07ab7c99bae5847d_1d4c8bb1_1280Spoiler alert: Beyoncé rules (GIF via GIPHY)

ROLLING STONE: The music magazine of record updates its list of greatest music videos of all time, and they definitely included some surprises (the Blow Monkeys?), some obvious picks I almost expected them to forget (a-ha, Buggles) and anointed such artistes as Madonna, Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga (I think “Paparazzi” is her best), Duran Duran and Michael Jackson.

TWITTER: Late-blooming social media sensation Dionne Warwick has given Madonna's upbraiding of homophobic misogynist DaBaby her blessing:

INSTAGRAM (FOLLOWS APPRECIATED): Today's birthdays — don't sleep on Don Murray (at the end)!