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Jul 29 2021
Gus Kenworthy Isn't Colton Underwood's GAY GUIDE + DaBaby Compares IDing Homophobic To IDing As Gay + NYC Gay Men's Chorus Hit With Racial Insensitivity Claims & MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Gaga debuts killer movie poster for House of Gucci, in which she plays a killer.

BELOW: Gus Kenworthy is NOT Colton Underwood's guide, DaBaby still does NOT get it, Jack Whitehall does NOT explicitly state that he is gay in Jungle Cruise and more ...

Gus-kenworthy-advocate-shirtless-gay-colton-underwood-boyculture(Image by Jen Rosenstein for Advocate)

ADVOCATE: Gus Kenworthy — whose cheerfully slutty coverage of the Olympics is gold medal-worthy — is covering the Advocate, and wants to cover your mouth if you're calling him a gay guide of any kind for Colton Underwood, saying:

God, please, please, please don't put it in quotes as “gay guide.” In actuality, I'm kind of just his friend ... It put a sour taste in a lot of people's mouths, and mine included, because that's not what I signed up for. I don't want to come across as if I'm this holier-than-thou educator that knows everything. I'm still learning myself.

DaBaby needs a gay guide more than Colton Underwood does ...

Dababy-aids-gay-lgbt-lgbtq-apology-boycultureIt's like Eddie Murphy's '80s stand-up is reborn, in song. (Image via video still)

NBC NEWS: DaBaby has revealed himself to be an idiot and a bigot, and people are rallying around the LGBTQ community — and fighting back against his disgusting comments about HIV/AIDS — en masse. Esquire offers a piece on the truth about HIV/AIDS and the LGBTQ community — one DaBaby should have someone read to him.

Meanwhile, DaBaby has fake-apologized twice, the latest coming at the end of his music video — in which he raps, “We like AIDS/I'm on your ass” — in the form of a rainbow-colored message, “My apologies for being me the same way you want the freedom to be you.”

Yeah, that's definitely a parallel. Total idiot.

Nigel-shelby-suicide-gay-boycultureShelby, flashing a peace sign when many around him offered him none of it. (Image via family photo)

AL.COM: A lawsuit brought by the parents of Nigel Shelby, a 15-year-old who took his own life in 2019 after being bullied for being gay, has been amended to remove three defendants.

EXTRATV: Jamie Lee Curtis reveals that her youngest adult child is transgender — and that she'll be officiating their wedding next year.

GAY CITY NEWS: NYC Gay Men's Chorus is accused of racial insensitivity after expelling — then welcoming back ... in a probationary status — a member of color who called them out for the racial insensitivity in the first place.

Misha-Osherovich-Freaky-boycultureNon-binary actor Misha Osherovich is the GBF of Freaky. (Image via HBO Max)

DECIDER: Freaky, newly on HBO Max, is a super fun horror movie with its tongue firmly in its cheek that takes Freaky Friday to the slaughterhouse, and works in a lot of gender issues along with the fun. Don't miss it.

BUZZFEED NEWS: Limp Jack-whitehall-gay-jungle-cruise-boyculturewrists are the new black.

VARIETY: Jack Whitehall expresses pride in his Jungle Cruise character's coming-out scene, mentions that when he read for the role he self-taped — with his mom in The Rock's role.

Note that in the scene, Whitehall never says, “I am gay.”

BUSINESS INSIDER: Both Twitter and TikTok have removed videos that used the explore option on Grind to expose gay Olympians in Tokyo, which threatened to out them. Because people really do just love tearing others down or embarrassing them for no reason at all.

Kevin-Cramer-North-Dakota-Ashli-Babbitt-boycultureHe decided to shoot his shot. (Image via video still)

JOE.MY.GOD.: Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-North Dakota) went on The Jay Thomas Show and told an irate caller we don't have the right to know which officer shot Ashli Babbitt, calling her a “criminal,” and stating he was grateful she was shot. I guess he doesn't want to be re-elected, but I'm here for it.

TWITTER: Tony Roman, a Huntington Beach, California, restaurant owner who requires proof you're NOT vaccinated in order to eat in his establishment, granted an interview to Chris Cuomo, looked foolish, then bragged to Laura Ingraham that he had scared Cuomo off. It's befuddling how dumb people are, #1, but #2: These people truly live in an alternate universe:

TWITTER: I love Florida gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried's vaccination PSA: