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Jul 28 2021
Hot Anchor + Ed Buck GUILTY X 9 + Dua Lipa Disavows DaBaby + Taylor Greene & Gaetz Run Like Cowards + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: This is my recipe for soup.

BELOW: Keep reading for a hairy chest for the ages, Ed Buck gets his comeuppance, Dua Lipa disavows DaBaby, Nancy Pelosi calls a moron a moron and more ...

Steven-romo-shirtless-hairy-chest-vitamin-sea-uae-boyculture-gayHair apparent (Image via Instagram)

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: Greg crushes on “Morning Man” Steven Romo — who just came out as gay, and as engaged. I wish there had been more time in-between. It feels like losing an eBay auction you didn't know was going on until it was over. But also, it feels like you didn't have the money for that anyway. Congrats to Steven & Stephen!

WOW REPORT: Red-hot Chris Meloni, bald and beautiful.

NEWNOWNEXT: Contemptible Ed Buck has been found guilty on all nine charges for his role in the deaths of Timothy Dean and Gemmel Moore, two Black men he paid and to whom he administered drugs. He apparently got off on watching Black men under the influence of his own drug of choice, and he wasn't charged until a third man nearly died. The right is trying to make it seem like Dems were shielding him or knew about him, but the reality is, when he was exposed, he was dropped and deplored. When Republicans are exposed — like Roy Moore, like Matt Gaetz — they continue on and on in the fold.

ATTITUDE: Dua Lipa condemns outrageously anti-LGBTQ and HIVphobic comments from former collaborator DaBaby, who has doubled down on them. She said:

Da-baby-dababy-dua-lipa-gay-lgbt-lgbtq-boycultureDaBaby is featured on the smash single “Levitating.” (Image via Instagram Story)

YOUTUBE: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Florida) ended a presser early when they were confronted by protesters asking about Gaetz being investigated. The two wound up sprinting away, a really bad look:

Why is the above video age-restricted? Because it shows a man credibly accused of paying for underage sex being asked if he is a pedophile? Why should a young person be shielded from that?

KENNETH IN THE (212): Kenneth follows a wrestler from college to fatherhood.

USA TODAY: Hungarian swimmer Kristof Milak won gold at the Olympics, but is mad he didn't set a new world record — and thinks it's because his suit ripped just before competition.

TWITTER: Simone Biles has withdrawn from the Olympics over her mental health, and Piers Morgan — who once stormed off his own show over the slightest bit of criticism — has derided her as unheroic.

CNN: Speaker of the House Pelosi called Minority Leader McCarthy a moron for his anti-masker beliefs. She isn't wrong. What sucks is that thanks to gerrymandering and the fickle U.S. public, he — with his party of Trump lemmings, anti-vaxxers, Black Lives Don't Matter bots and worse — will likely be Speaker of the House in the near future. 

TWITTER: Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming) praises Pelosi's professionalism as January 6 investigation unfolds:

LGBTQ NATION: Anita Bryant's granddaughter is marrying a woman. Well, at least it's a fruit pie.

Ezgif-6-32f91b406a00Let's pray. Let's pray for her right now. (GIF via GIPHY)

INSTAGRAM (FOLLOW HERE!): He has a past, but his even more distant past was as a CK boy: Sasha Mitchell: