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Jul 13 2021
#Goals: Naked Jocks From Abroad Comments (0)

Via MrMan:

MrMan may not be the expert on all things sports-ball-stadium-kick time, but they do know that Italy recently made headlines by winning the 2020 UEFA Euro title, while Argentina won the 2021 Copa América. And how to celebrate? By checking out the hottest Italian and Argentinian male celebrities with the fattest penises ...

Argentinian actor Joaquín Ferreira has one of the biggest penises shown in a mainstream movie or TV show. On the series Club de Cuervos (Netflix’s first Spanish-language series ever) he casually airs out his foot-long penis and big, low-hanging balls in the locker room. 

Italian stallion Michele Morrone has became a household name (admittedly, exclusively in horny households) thanks to his controversial nude role in the erotic abduction romance 365 Days. While his role is really about that ass, Michele does briefly slip us his hot Italian penis in the shower. 

Leonardo Sbaraglia hails from Argentina and he is serving body. He’s serving face. And he’s serving big, uncut penis. Watch out for a well-lit look at Leonardo’s juicy, fluffed-out cock in the 2003 romance Carmen, as well as in 2000’s Burnt Money.

If you look up “our type” in the dictionary, you won’t find a picture of Italian stud Antonio Sabáto Jr. That’s not how dictionaries work. However, pre-Trumpism, Antonio was everything we look for in a man, and you can see his mouthwatering body and penis during a gay scene in Testosterone

If you checked out the sex-filled gay movie The Blonde One, you already know about the Argentinian actor Gaston Re's hawtness. If you checked out the sex-filled gay movie The Blonde One, you know that Gaston shows his oversized balls and that he ejaculates on Alfonso Barón’s stomach. 

Erect penis alert! This is not a drill. Eternal Italian daddy Rocco Siffredi goes the extra foot — we mean mile! — but bravely baring his erect penis during some explicit scenes in the movie Romance

Game over!