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Jul 12 2021
PRAY AWAY Trailer + Captain Kirk Goes Russian + Caitlyn Trashed At CPAC + Don't Throw Coke At Drag Queens + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Jacob-whitesides-boyculture(Image via Facebook)

ABOVE: Jacob Whitesides is celebrating show week with a show-and-tell photo.

BELOW: Keep reading for why you can't pray away the gay, an attempt to pray away Caitlyn Jenner, a vicious gay attack and more ...

PRAY-AWAY-variety-boycultureThe Lord will mind. (Image via Netflix)

VARIETY: Pray Away, a doc about conversion therapy, drops an emotional trailer.

TWITTER: William Shatner, 90, has a new show that was picked up by Russia's propagandist RT network. He is defending it at apolitical.

TWITTER: Caitlyn Jenner went to CPAC Dallas and was chased out by a dead-naming Jesus freak who called her a “sick freak” and a “tranny.” That's your party, lady! Also at CPAC: Trump dominates the poll for '24 GOP candidate. You know, the anti-trans (among many other things) guy?

YAHOO! NEWS: A man in Brazil has been charged with paying almost $10K to a hit man to have his ex-wife murdered — all because she had come out as a lesbian.

TWITTER: Someone threw a bottle of Coke onstage during the drag play Death Drop. I would say it didn't go well, but I think it went great:

ATTITUDE: After a gay-bashing in Liverpool, the victim said — hopefully just in the heat of the moment:

If this is what being gay means, then I don't want to be gay. Literally, if this is what my sexuality results in, then I'll not be gay then, if you just leave me alone.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Boston Pride, which for decades has run Pride in the city, is completely dismantling after complaints of its lack of inclusion. Not just a new board, but a new org, will have to come into being to run things.

INSTAGRAM: Dancer Robb Sherman has no access to his Instagram account because, the elusive company tells him, his account breaks their rules and guidelines. You can see it, he can't. WTF? He's occasionally shirtless. That's it.

WGBH: A long piece about how underage boys are on Grindr (a big problem) only makes me think that instead of rooting out that problem, it will be used to end hookup apps. I feel like the Moral Majority's SAVE THE CHILDREN! rallying cry has been co-opted by the left.

L.A. TIMES: Add Sheriff Villanueva to the list of right-wing Trojan Horse candidates elected by liberals.

INSTAGRAM: This hot piece was Marilyn Monroe's leading man, and also Lucille Ball's.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Another round of tennis thirst traps.

Mektic-ass-butt-booty-tennis-screen-shot-boycultureIs this golf, because I am envisioning a hole in one. (Image via screen grab)