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Jul 20 2021
15 Olympian Hotties Competing For Your Affections Comments (0)

Rhys-mcclenaghan-fake-news-cardboard-beds-sex-olympics-tokyo-boycultureMr. Bed (Images via Twitter)

Irish Olympian Rhys Mcclenaghan went viral by proving false the rumor that the cardboard beds provided for athletes in Tokyo are supposed to be too weak for sex.

As you can see, they can take a thrashing:

Carlin Isles, 31, is an American rugby player you might wish would make a pass at you. To you. At you:

Carlin-isles-boycultureTouch down there? #FieldGoals (Image via NBC Olympics/USOPC)

Gotta love Sam Mikulak, the American gymnast who is making his final appearance in an Olympic setting before expected retirement. Only in sports does one look like THAT and be on the verge of hanging up one's parallel bars:

Sam-mikulak-shirtless-gymnast-boycultureChalk it up to hard work. (Image via Instagram)

Also worth sharing is Sam's final message before Tokyo:

After my first Olympics I received a large amount of love and adoration from the public. I remember feeling on top of the world from that. Then it faded. I created a new standard of happiness that depended on the approval of others. Therein lies the problem. Nothing can ever enough when your expectations are so high.

I stand here 9 years later before I leave for my final Olympic Games to state that I am enough. I blamed gymnastics for so much of my unhappiness. It wasn’t gymnastics that I was unhappy with, it was myself. Now I’m thankful for gymnastics and all my struggles because the resiliency I’ve gained is greater than any accomplishment or medal. It’s helped me love myself again. I’m finally understanding the idea that it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

French footballer Arnaud Nordin is another athlete worth tackling:

Pita Taufatofua, who in 2016 was instantly famous as the shirtless Tongan at the Olympics, is back kayaking this year:

James Hall is a gay English Olympian — with an OnlyFans — who looks mighty pleased to be in Tokyo:

American surfing star Kolohe Andino is 26 and holds many records — but is going for his first Olympic medals:

Luke Michael Gebbie, a Filipino swimmer, is making his Olympic debut:

Twenty-three-year-old Noah Lyles (top), an American sprinter, is set to try to repeat his gold medal-winning past, while Michael Norman (bottom), also 23 and also an American sprinter, is looking to rebound after failing to make the cut for Rio:

Noah-lyles-shirtless-olympian-boycultureDoesn't he make you wish there was a winner in you? (Image via NBC Olympics/USOPC)

Michael-norman-sprinter-olympics-boycultureMiles of smile (Image via NBC Olympics/USOPC)

Chinese swimmer Wang Sun is also a star baseballer:

From Azerbaijan, Rustam Orujov is a judo king:

American BMX star Justin Dowell is 21 and worthy of a handlebar-mustache ride:

Justin-dowell-olympics-boycultureThe wheel deal (Image via NBC Olympics/USOPC)

Tune in to watch 26-year-old Nyjah Huston (top) and 22-year-old Heimana Reynolds (bottom), U.S. skateboarders, make the newly added sport highly competitive:



Heimana-Reynolds-skateboard-US-Olympics-boycultureWell-balanced snacks (Image via NBC Olympics/USOPC)