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Aug 22 2021
Tom Daley: Gold Standard + Right-Wing Anti-Vaxxer Dies Of COVID-19 + Being Gay Under The Taliban + Trump Jeered For Promoting Vaccine + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I urge you to follow Todd Lien on IG. He's great! He has a small part in Boy Culture: The Series and was a delight to work with.

BELOW: Keep reading for solid-gold Tom Daley, the gay plight in Afghanistan, Willam and Matthew Camp team up for gay justice, Jeff Stryker blows out a big ol' candle and more ...

Tom-daley-wonderland-speedo-boycultureGoing for the gold, will settle for a few inches away. (Image by Bartek Szmigulski)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Tom Daley covers Wonderland, plus a deep dive into the LGBTQ mags of the moment.

BUSINESS INSIDER: The coming nightmare of being gay under Taliban rule.

HUFF POST: Right-wing radio host Phil Valentine declared he wouldn't get vaccinated because he had a low risk of catching COVID-19 and dying from it. Then, he caught COVID-19 and urged people to get vaxxed. Before he died from it, at age 61.

THE HILL: Presley Stutts a Tea Party (memba then?!) Republican from South Carolina who was anti-vaxx is now anti-breathing — he has died of COVID-19.

TWITTER: Trump got jeered by a rabid Alabama crowd when he admitted he is vaccinated and that he recommends people get vaxxed:

THE AP: The Rev. Jesse Jackson and his wife have both tested positive for COVID-19 and are hospitalized. Both were vaxxed. No word on whether they are in a hospital out of an abundance of caution, owing to their advanced ages or because of underlying conditions. Hope they pull through.

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: That highly anticipated, once-postponed Schitt's Creek tour has been officially canceled.

VULTURE: Willam is now hosting a show as a judge — Iconic Justice — on OUTtv. His bailiff? Matthew Camp.

TWITTER: At a concert heralding the return of NYC — one that was cut short due to Hurricane Henri right in the middle of Barry Manilow's performance — Senate Majority Leader Schumer was seen dancing with Stephen Colbert:

VANITY FAIR: Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Florida), under investigation for a BUNCHA crimes, has eloped. I am guessing he hopes this means his wife won't have to testify against him, but ... that actually isn't how it works.

Boyculture-gay-porn-Powertool Jeff Stryker adWe've seen that candle blown out many, many times. (Image via Catalina)

INSTAGRAM: Porn legend Jeff Stryker turned 59 this weekend.

INSTAGRAM: Remembering Valerie Harper on what would've been her birthday: