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Aug 31 2021
Afghanistan: Over & Out + LGBTQ History At Colonial Williamsburg + Vintage Gay Nightlife Of Greensboro + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Everybody run ...

BELOW: Keep reading for the end of the U.S.'s longest war, LGBTQ elements in the colonies, gay nightlife in Greensboro and more ...

PBS: With our final withdrawal from Afghanistan, the U.S. has officially ended its longest-ever war.

OUTRIGHT ACTION INTERNATIONAL: A new study explores censorship of LGBTQIA+ content in six countries — Russia, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Malaysia and Indonesia. The results are predictably grotesque, revealing how they conflated homosexuality with porn and weed it out in insidious ways.

YAHOO! NEWS: Colonial Williamsburg is adding some LGBTQ components. Ahistorical, you say? Quite the contrary! The additions are based on research that turned up the story of an indentured servant who was likely a trans man, and two women who attempted to get married in the original U.S. colonies.

Greensboro-north-carolina-gay-boycultureThey love the nightlife, they love to boogie, even in Greensboro. (Image via

GREENSBORO NEWS & RECORD: The past gay nightlife of Greensboro, North Carolina, is featured in a new exhibit. 

BAY AREA REPORTER: Hurricane Nora damages the gay-popular area of Zona Romantica in Puerto Vallarta.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Guy's got thighs.

THR: Red Rainbow, the story of three gay socialists from West Berlin who were accidentally invited to a state visit to Moscow in the '70s, has won Best Project at the TV fest Series Mania.