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Aug 14 2021
Sure Could Use A Little GOOD NEWS + Climate Change, Wildfires & COVID-19 + Secret Door To Hidden Gay Club + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

Boyculture gay Good News by Kenn Duncan minus Alice Faye John Payne Stubby KayeChorus bois (Image by Kenn Duncan for After Dark)

ABOVE: Flashing back to Good News, a 1973-1974 musical revival of a 1927 show. Starring Alice Faye and Gene Nelson (John Payne had appeared in it out of town), the show as panned (“combined, [Faye and Nelson] have the stage presence of a balcony seat”). But the boys — oh, the boys.

BELOW: Keep reading for Jackée Harry, Louis Virtel, how COVID-19 is helped along by wildfires and more  ...

INSTAGRAM: Happy birthday to Jackée Harry!

LGBTQ NATION: Police seeking leads in the shooting death of Dallas trans woman Miss CoCo.

HUFF POST: July was the hottest month in the history of hottest months.

CNN: Smoke and soot from out-of-control wildfires are apparently causing more COVID-19 infections, and even more deaths.

ECHO: A hidden doorway in a parking lot in the U.K. once led to the town's secret gay club.

YOUTUBE: Louis Virtel Vir-tells it like it is regarding a bisexual Robin: