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Aug 09 2021
SURE, JAN Forever + Climate Report: Our Gooses Are Cooked + Tim Scott For POTUS? + Cuomo Criminal Complaint + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Whitney Houston would still be just 58 today, and she's been gone nine and a half years already.

BELOW: The origin story of your favorite meme, Cuomo's secretary quits as a criminal complaint is lodged against him, some hairy Sam Elliott and more ...

GiphySpilling the NFT (GIF via GIPHY)

VICE: A brilliant new oral history of The Brady Bunch Movie and A Very Brady Sequel thoroughly documents the birth of, “Sure, Jan.” You will LOVE it, even though Shelley Long comes out as the villain — but only until Florence Henderson asks her to hold her beer!

ABC NEWS: Dire U.N. climate report. Like, dire:

It is unequivocal that human influence has warmed the atmosphere, ocean and land. Widespread and rapid changes in the atmosphere, ocean, cryosphere and biosphere have occurred.

KENNETH IN THE (212): This guy is pretending his pics are showing off his cute puppy.

POLITICO: Sen. Tim Scott (R-South Carolina), Trumper, is ramping up a likely 2024 campaign for POTUS.

NEWNOWNEXT: Header of the day — “How Eating Ass Went Mainstream.”

HUFF POST: Melissa DeRosa, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's secretary, has resigned, citing the most recent two “emotionally and mentally trying” years. Via Huff Post:

DeRosa, who held the highest-ranking staff position in state government, was mentioned several times in the report. In one instance, the report stated that DeRosa helped lead efforts to retaliate against one of the women who publicly accused the third-term Democrat in December.

CBS SUNDAY MORNING: Brittany Commisso tells CBS This Morning that she filed a criminal complaint against Cuomo because it was the right thing to do:

EXTRATV: I guess this is how Lisa Vanderpump tells us she does NOT wanna be called “Grandma.”

PEOPLE: People attacked the “masculinity” of Johnny Weir's Olympics outfit, and it went about how you'd expect it went.

NBC NEWS: Out Olympians raked in 32 medals.

Sam-elliott-shirtless-hairy-chest-boycultureAre you gaga for Sam, ladies? (Image via movie still)

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: A little Sam Elliott hotness from 50 years ago.

PEOPLE: Marsha Warfield's words about the late Markie Post:

She has been, and will be, described as perky, bubbly, sweet, etc. And she was. But, she was also real, caring and kind. I never heard a cross word from, to, or about her.

People's takeaway:

People-markie-post-marsha-warfield-boyculture(Image via screengrab)

I think they missed the point, don't you?