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Aug 07 2021
Remembering Gay Holocaust Victims + SWAN SONG Takes Flight + Coko Of SWV On Accepting Her Gay Son + Miss Jackson Wasn't So Nasty + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: One of Old Hollywood's favorite young prettyboys.

BELOW: Keep reading for a memorial devoted to gay Holocaust victims, Swan Song takes flight, Coko of SWV talks about her gay son and more ...

Coc-netherlands-gay-stumbling-stones-boycultureIt always amazes me how many records were kept of an atrocity. (Image via COC Netherlands)

GUARDIAN: The Netherlands commemorates gay victims of the Nazis with stumbling stones installation. I will never forget working at The Fair Store in Flint, Michigan, and one of my co-workers saying, “Hitler had the right idea, but he should've done it with the gays.” And I said, “He ... did!” His reply, “Oh — good.”

VULTURE: Raves for tremendously tender Swan Song, directed by Todd Stephens of tremendously un-tender Another Gay Movie fame. I'm so happy for Todd, and for our mutual collaborator Stephen Israel, a producer on that as well as my Boy Culture and Boy Culture: The Series. Here's hoping Udo Kier gets an Oscar nomination.

YAHOO! NEWS: Coko Clemons of SWV opens up about accepting her son's sexual orientation:

NPR: How the gays of Provincetown helped the CDC better understand breakthrough infections of COVID-19 — and helped affect a change in masking policies.

NPR: Quinn has become the first-ever trans and first-ever non-binary athlete to win Olympic gold.

10-gifs-of-the-trending-naked-celebs-right-now-65a90627It's a Nick pic! (GIF via GIPHY)

MRMAN: Hottest nude-celeb GIFS du jour. Subscribe here for sex scenes and more!

INSIDER: Jurassic Park was a cuh-lassic movie ... but would you want to visit it? Indonesia is banking on it, Komodo dragons be damned.

PEOPLE: Bill Bellamy clarifies that pop legend Janet Jackson didn't actually booty call him in the '90s.

YAHOO! ENTERTAINMENT: “If Everything's a Little Bit Gay, What Happens to Queer Film and TV?” Good question! Provocative article.

Ec088a900a595ddd1a8d87780b679e23Do you need a lecture on fashion?! (GIF via GIPHY)

THE GUARDIAN: Are gay BFFs really out of fashion in film and on TV?

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: Wide-ranging Rosie O'Donnell interview, in which she chats about the 25th anniversary of her iconic talk show and much, much more.

Rosie-o-donnell-interview-boycultureHis heart belongs to Rosie! (Image via video still)

TICKETS: Don't miss Planet of the Grapes!

Planet-grapes-peter-michael-marino-gay-play-boyculturePeter Michael Marino is the best of the bunch. (Image from here)