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Aug 04 2021
I Wanna F*** You Like ANIMAL KINGDOM ... Comments (0)

Did you know that over its five seasons, the TNT series Animal Kingdom has delivered the most explicit gay scenes seen on basic cable? It’s true ... as you shall soon see:

Jake Weary is a blonde, scruffy surfer dude who is a part of a California crime family. His character also happens to be gay, and we get to see him hang 10 (inches!) with other Cali bros.

But these aren’t your daddy’s gay sex scenes. Animal Kingdom has brought some of the most creatively kinky and sexual gay sex scenes to the small screen that we’ve ever seen. No, really. We’re talking ass-to-mouth, we’re talking Jake chucking a cum-filled condom across the room and we’re talking the current season’s unbelievable gay spit-roasting scene.

Jake Weary and a married man (Blake Cooper Griffin) spit-roast the man’s husband (Jeremy Glazer). Weary then commands Griffin to watch instead of participate, and Jake continues to plug up Glazer’s ass while staring down his hubby. Cuck me!

He tops Andy Favreau in the standing position from behind, before directing Andy to finish him off orally. This is rimming on basic cable. This is ... awesome.

Jake and Damon Erik Williams have intense sex on the floor, filled with plenty of sweat and panting.

And Jake bangs his long-term boyfriend Spencer Treat Clark from behind, before casually chucking his used condom across the room.

This is no longer TV. It’s art.