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Aug 02 2021
Matt Damon Is, Like, So Gay Comments (0)

UPDATE: Matt Damon clarifies that crazy story — and says he never uses slurs, and stands with the LGBTQ+ community.

I had a whole post that included Matt Damon's surprising admission that he stopped casual use of “fag” just months ago when his daughter persuaded him it was harmful ... but it vanished.

I guess Matt missed this in 2009:

In a nutshell: If Damon is agreeing the word is harmful, late or not, I'm glad. And that he says in another interview that as a white movie star he has blind spots is at least self-aware.

Because on top of his latest act of obtuseness, don't forget that in 2015 — just six years ago, after playing gay in The Talented Mr. Ripley and Behind the Candelabra — he urged gay actors to stay in the closet, because audiences should not know actors' sexualities.

Matt Damon, who is married with kids said that.

Onward and upward — I think we have worse problems and more malevolent enemies, even if this is disappointing and, really, bewildering.