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Aug 31 2021
RDR Veteran Lucian Piane's 5-Year Meltdown Continues With Public Intoxication Arrest Comments (0)

Lucian-piane-boycultureHe has almost 10K IG followers, many of whom helpfully respond to his videos that he looks hot. (Image via IG)

TMZ reports that Lucian Piane, the batshit-crazy former RuPaul's Drag Race performer (not to be confused with batshit-crazy former RuPaul's Drag Race performer Santino Rice), has been arrested for public intoxication. For good measure, he also apparently went all Mel Gibson on cops, calling them cunts.

You will recall that Piane has been raising eyebrows for at least five years, starting with him saying he supported Trump over Hillary, and his unrepentant spreading of wild conspiracy theories about the Clintons and the Obamas.

He has also encouraged people to drink bleach (even before COVID-19), said WWIII was happening, claimed our food is enhanced with dead people's corpses, written that the Civil War was faked in order to use racism to divide people and suggested that parasites control our thoughts.

Somehow, people like this roam free. It's sad and disgusting, and social media just reinforces their insanity.