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Sep 11 2021
Bidens, Obamas & Clintons Observe 9/11 + W Slams Domestic Terrorists In 9/11 Speech + Trump Winks At 2024 + Ben Platt, Molly Shannon & MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Buddy forever!

Boyculture-YIANNI adBonus image — '70s Yianni ad. Gay men LOVE their jewels. (Image via Yianni)

BELOW: Keep reading for Trump's 9/11 snub and 2024 wink, remembering gay heroes Mark Bingham and Father Mychal Judge, how the end of Flash spelled the end of a wealth of 9/11 information, a gay teacher fired and more ...

EXTRATV: The Bidens, Obamas, Clintons and other major names in politics past and present were either at Ground Zero or at the Pennsylvania memorial on 9/11. Trump will be calling a boxing match for beaucoup bux. After an uproar over the Trumps' complete lack of regard for 9/11, Trump popped up in NYC at a police precinct to speak. He used the opportunity to all but declare he'll run in 2024.

George W. Bush's speech in Pennsylvania equated domestic terrorists with foreign terrorists:

METROSOURCE: Could Father Mychal Judge, the gay priest who died on 9/11 when he was struck by a falling body at the WTC, become a saint?

Flight-93-capitol-boycultureOne of those comments you can't believe no one had said previously. (Image via Twitter)

YAHOO! SPORT U.K.: An annual remembrance of gay hero Mark Bingham, who helped bring down United Flight 93, sparing the Capitol. Sadly, Mark's mom Alice died this year.

Sunrise-through-darkness-will-jimeno-9-11-boycultureA story 20 years in the making (Image via University Professors Press)

POLITICO: Will Jimeno, one of the only people to survive the collapse of both WTC towers on 9/11, describes his ordeal in a new memoir — and the un-juicy part that is often left out of such 9/11 stories, about his resulting PTSD.

Lesa-pamplin-clarence-thomas-boycultureFTW (Image via Twitter)

CNN: It seems crazy, but the end of Flash means there is a huge amount of iconic, historically important footage from 9/11 (and, presumably, many other events) that is lost forever.

TWITTER: Lesa Pamplin recalls when Clarence Thomas gave her the old double-fist grip and she urged him to, Loose that grip, bro.

USA TODAY: All about Molly Shannon, who is having a moment with The White Lotus and The Other Two.

VULTURE: Ben Platt's Dear Evan Hansen de-aging is described as “a total failure.”

KTUL: Missouri teacher resigns over Pride flag flap.

STUFF: The road back from ex-gay conversion therapy.

NBC NEWS: Another person who didn't get vaxxed, got deathly ill with COVID-19 and made a video begging everyone to get vaxxed — before she died.

KENNETH IN THE (212): The week's gay mags.

Attitude-gay-boycultureBring me some head from Connor Swindells! (Image via Attitude)