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Sep 12 2021
BUFFY Actor's Genital Paralysis + Trump Shouts Out The Moonies + Giuliani's Drunk Speech + Breyer & Manchin Not Budging + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Stalin-boycultureDoes it really need to be said? Apparently so. (Image via Facebook)

ABOVE: I belong to a group on FB that encourages pics of pre-1990 hot models and actors, so of course some self-loathing gay posts Stalin and I get to see Stalin called a “vibrant stallion.” What is happening to gay men?

BELOW: Keep reading for two stars in extreme pain, Trump shouting out the Moonies, Rudy drunk again and more ...

Nicholas-Brendon-shirtless-boycultureBrendon in his Buffy days (Image via video still)

EXTRATV: Buffy alum Nicholas Brendon, who's had drug and domestic disturbance arrests, is suffering from extreme pain, and also genital paralysis.

TWITTER: Trump literally spent part of 9/11 addressing the Moonies — praising the Unification Church, a literal cult. Here is how the Moonies, the Trump Cult and QAnon vibe. One offshoot of the Moonies is a church where congregants carry assault rifles, and yes, marriage is still BIG with them.

LOCAL12: Fred Lowry, a Florida conspiracy theorist who has called COVID-19 a hoax and Dr. Fauci “Dr. False-y,” has been sick with COVID-19 for weeks, and days ago had to go to an emergency room. Here's hoping for the best outcome.

TWITTER: Taking over TIFF's Twitter in honor of the premiere of the bio-doc Don't Make Me Over, Dionne Warwick answered feistily when asked if she ever dreamed she'd still be going strong in 2021:

TWITTER: Rudy Giuliani was 100% drunk during his 9/11 speech. What a miserable plummet he has made from being “America's mayor” (I always hated him!) and a presidential candidate:

L.A. TIMES: Inside the new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.

Breyer-supreme-court-boycultureHe simply will not commit. And he's a judge! (Image via video still)

TWITTER: Justice Breyer needs to fucking retire, but he is flirting with allowing his ego to keep him on the Court forever, meaning he could die when Biden has no chance to replace him.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Idaho's Lt. Gov. sent out an official missive claiming 69% of all people who get vaccinated die in 28 days. I really feel the country is over at this point.

WOW: Disgraced former GOP Rep. Aaron Schock is hosting a pro-Trump Pride event in Nashville, yet his 48K IG followers continue to shower him with praise about how hot he is. Gay exceptionalism.

TWITTER: Sen. Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) won't vote for the infrastructure bill. For no particular reason.

INSTAGRAM: Sixties and '70s star Joanna Pettet — retired since 1990 — recently suffered a traumatic injury, and her friend is now asking for prayers:

EWRESTLING: Jake Atlas, out gay WWE performer, says his mental health was at risk while on the job. He says in a new interview:

My entire run in WWE was the most, and I don’t know how to word this, it was probably the worst mentally I have ever been. My mental health was probably the worst it’s ever been, the last two years that I was with WWE.

He also says that before he was dumped, he tried to leave his contract.

Ezgif-6-f18d4b81796aBody-slam by Jake (GIF via GIPHY)