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Sep 08 2021
Meet Janene Hoskovec, The Karen-Come-Lately Comments (0)

Janene-Hoskovek-cough-karen-mask-boycultureYou can't tell if someone has COVID-19 at a glance. You can often tell if they're deranged. (Image via video still)

If 2020 and 2021 have taught us anything — and it's a lesson we should have learned long ago — it's that people are not basically good. They're just not.

Case in point: Over a year after COVID-19 altered our daily lives and the economy, Janene Hoskovec is stepping into the conversation as a Karen with special knowledge about why it's okay to forego masks — and why it is acceptable to intentionally cough on people to prove a point.

Arrest her ...

Coughing Karen lives in Arizona and works at SAP in Tempe.

For the record, there is a mask mandate in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Hoskovec confronted the women who shot the video, going out of her way to accost them by asking why they were wearing masks, which is (1) following the mandate, and (2) none of her fucking business.