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Sep 05 2021
Jason Momoa's Tight Fit + BOY MEETS BOY Meets VOD + Missouri LGBTQ Pride Exhibit Punted From Capitol + Garrett Clayton Married + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: It's art.

BELOW: Keep reading for Momoa's new outfit, Garrett Clayton's vows, how Missouri cornholed an LGBTQ exhibit and more ...

Jason-Momoa-Aquaman-boycultureTight fit, tight fit, got to find me the right fit ... (Images via Warner Bros. Pictures/D.C. Comics)

INSTAGRAM: Jason Momoa reveals revealing new Aquaman duds.

ARIZTICAL NOW: Boy Meets Boy, a gay love Boy-meets-boy-gay-arizitcal-boyculture-gaystory that's been at recent film fests, will be released October 26 by Ariztical:

Along the lines of Before Sunrise and the indie hit Weekend, Boy Meets Boy is a mumblecore about the journey of a brief encounter. Harry meets Johannes at a club in Berlin and only has 15 hours left until his flight back to London. The two click and spend the day together wandering the city. Their contrasting lives and values force them to confront their own truths. An intimate view of contemporary gay culture showing the fears and fragilities of the millennial queer generation seeking to empower them to be critical of the normative. Set in the streets of Berlin using real locations and natural daylight with a focus on spur of the moment and off-the-cuff dialog. The film uses documentary footage to blend the character among real places and people giving it striking authenticity.

The film will be on Ariztical NOW (a subscription VOD platform) as well on VOD platforms and DVD.

WASHINGTON BLADE: Alphonso David, HRC prez, won't resign after the org finishes a review into his dealings with former Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Missouri-Pride-gay-lgbt-lgbtq-boycultureThe rather staid-looking exhibit apparently freaked out the GOP power structure. (Image via UMKC-GLAMA)

NYT: A traveling exhibit about LGBTQ history that was set to inhabit the Missouri Capitol for four months lasted only a few days before being removed. It is now in a less prominent building, all because the Rs in charge got their panties in a wad.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Gov. Ron DeSantis — whose popularity in Florida is plunging, along with blood-oxygenation levels — was roasted for saying vaccine-refusers' decisions don't affect him or anyone else. Hundreds of deaths PER DAY in Florida.

WOW REPORT: Bette Midler suggests women refuse sex over Texas anti-choice law.

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: Happy 34th to Johnny Sibilly!

TIME: Tens of thousands protested for full marriage rights in Switzerland.

PEOPLE: Garrett Clayton of Teen Beach Movie fame has exchanged vows with his partner since 2011, Blake Knight. Their exclusive wedding photos are at, where Garrett recounts having to postpone the nuptials repeatedly due to COVID-19 concerns.

MEDIAITE: Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer is broke, getting booed out of restaurants and probably not welcome on Martha's Vineyard, either.

EXTRATV: Girls Aloud member Sarah Harding, 39, died Sunday, just over a year after announcing a diagnosis of metastasized breast cancer.

GR8ERDAYS: RIP Willard Scott, 86. Along with being a familiar face every morning on Today as the centenarian-affirming weatherman, he was also the very first Ronald McDonald in national ads: