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Sep 15 2021
MOMMIE DEAREST Forever + Nicki Minaj's Three Latest Lies + Newsom Buries Recall + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Fabrizio!

BELOW: Keep reading for Nicki Minaj's latest idiotic lies, Newsom's big win, a Mommie Dearest mega-post and more ...

MOMMIE-DEAREST-JOAN-CRAWFORD-FAYE-DUNAWAY-boycultureWire hangover (Image via video still)

RICK'S REAL/REEL LIFE: A fully obsessive look at the lead-up to, making-of, release and aftermath of Mommie Dearest, the crazy fever-dream of a film that was released exactly 40 years ago on September 18.

BUZZFEED: Nicki Minaj lied about the swollen-testicles story — officials in Trinidad & Tobago have confirmed there is no such case. Now she's lying again, stating she's been invited to the White House. (Nah, they offered her a phone call from a doctor.) Such an ignoramus. And she's gathering all the right-wingers around her as backup. Oh, and for good measure, she lied by saying she was suspended by Twitter — she wasn't.

NYT: Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-California) has prevailed in a landslide victory in California, where the politically craven effort to recall him bombed badly. Millions of Californians are now fleeing to bastions of stupidity — wink. By the way, Nate Silver is increasingly unreliable:

Nate-silver-recall-boycultureOne of his hottest of hot takes ... (Image via Twitter)

Along with costing taxpayers just under $300M, the recall may have cost California something else — the easy ability to recall a sitting governor. (That last one is a good thing!)

L.A. TIMES: Alanis Morissette calls the new HBO doc Jagged reductive, claims she was lulled into a false sense of security and that the doc tells a different story than the one she wanted to tell. I'll tell you what — celebrities are used to PR and PR only. They do not take kindly to anyone saying anything they have not personally approved.

NYT: Norm Macdonald died at 61 after a secret nine-year cancer battle.

US WEEKLY: Harry & Meghan take Time's TIME100 cover. That that, Charles!

Harry-meghan-time-boycultureA double-header (Pari Dukovic for Time)