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Sep 15 2021
Hardy Birthday! Comments (0)

All around daddy and total stud Tom Hardy turned 44 today, and MrMan is cele-BATE-ing with a look at his truly gag-worthy nude performances ...

There were a handful of years during which Tom essentially wouldn’t appear on camera without showing off his uncut penis and impressive sack. Oh, you don’t believe us? Tom showed his penis in Colditz in 2005, Stuart: A Life Backwards in 2007, Bronson in 2008, and Sergeant Slaughter, My Big Brother in 2011! And I think we all remember where we were when his frontal pics from the set of 2017 Taboo leaked online.

He kept his cock covered in the final edit, but the point is that this man loves showing off his manhood almost as much as we love looking at it! Below you can find some of Tom Hardy’s hottest movie moments EVER. And you can head over here to see all of the full … uncut … scenes.