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Sep 09 2021
As Big As They Come: Check Out TRADE CENTER, A Short About Short-Term Relationships At The WTC Comments (0)

Adam-baran-trade-center-gay-boyculture“Lunch hour was typically out of control ...” (Images via Trade Center)

Adam Baran's Trade Center is a new short about what a bustling tearoom practically all of the World Trade Center was right up until the towers ceased to exist.

The film is an intensely stylish eight-plus (nice size!) minutes, consisting of audio recordings of men recalling the wild, gay goings-on at the Trade Center. Some of the participants sound amazed to this day by how much of a free-for-all the Center was — the largest men's room, stairwells, hidden nooks and crannies.

One interviewee asserts he's even spoken to a guy who was in one of the tea rooms when the planes hit, and wonders about how possible it is that every man in there made it out alive.

Trade Center lives up to the cleverness of its title — it's a great oral history of our oral and anal history, and while there are more serious aspects of the history of 9/11, the sexual past of the iconic buildings is vital, too. Just great.

World-trade-center-gay-adam-baran-boycultureFrom the film — a security camera that looks, to me, more like a urinal cake spying on a fuck fest.

Keep reading to watch — you should have no trouble taking in the whole thing in one try:

Trade Center from Adam Baran on Vimeo.