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Oct 11 2021
Timothée Chalamet As Willy Wonka + Superman Comes Out As Bi + Bradley Whitford Will Make You Hard + Inside Charles Busch's Lair + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Timothée Chalamet unveils his Wonka look.

BELOW: Keep reading for the new DNA, Biden's rebound, Superbisexualman and more ...

Dna-251-shirtlessReady to buy-sexual (Image via DNA)

DNA: DNA #261 is out now.

THE RANDY REPORT: Randy on must-see doc Through the Windows.

TWITTER: Don't believe that hogwash that Biden's approval is at 38%:

AUTOSTRADDLE: Disney Channel stars who are actually gay in real life.

Superman-bisexual-boycultureJonathan Kent goes gay with Jay. (Image by John Timms/DC Comics)

NYT: Superman— the son of the guy we think of as Superman — is bisexual, which doubles his chances of saving the world on Saturday night.

THE ATHLETIC: “I'm an openly gay man in football.”

NBC NEWS: Twenty-one people who have come out in 2021, in honor of October 11, National Coming Out Day.

INSTAGRAM (FOLLOWS APPRECIATED): Because Bradley Whitford deserves as much love as any other birthday boy with killer tits and gams.

KENNETH IN THE (212): His spread has real reach.

THE VERGE: Netflix is making big bucks with Dave Chappelle's truly aggressively anti-trans comedy special, but is so thin-skinned it suspended a trans employee who dared to call them out on it. Also, it's insane that every comments section regarding this special is filled with arguments about taking a joke, when Chappelle isn't merely using un-P.C. humor, but stating anti-trans beliefs.

CNN: London coppers will take no further action on the Prince Andrew complaint filed by Virginia Giuffre.

APARTMENT THERAPY: Step inside Charles Busch's fabulous NYC apartment.

Boyculture-Charles Busch 1Busch with Arnie Kolodner in The Lady in Question (Image by T.L. Boston)