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Oct 10 2021
Gym Bros Battle For Dominance + Gay-Basher Sought In NYC + People Think Kim Kardashian Wrote Those Jokes + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Making gay waves.

BELOW: Keep reading for gym bros fighting for dominance, Tom Daley calls for boycott, gay-basher sought and more ...

Nick-nush-shirtless-boycultureHe's filming his back, bruh. (Image via TikTok @nicknush0)

TOO FAB: How bizarre ... an infuriated gym rat filmed a guy working out, confronting him (with a gay slur, of course) for doing it shirtless. I've never heard of this bothering anyone. Must be severely repressed:


Got cursed out at the gym🤷🏼‍♂️ ##fyp ##foryou ##viral ##angryman ##gym ##gymhumor

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Also noteworthy: People who are confronted as directly as Nick was often have the presence of mind not to flip out and get violent, and I'm not sure I could do that, especially with his guns to back it up.

HUFF POST: GOPer Steve Scalise (R-Louisiana), the House Minority Whip, refuses to concede that Joe Biden won the presidential election. We are in trouble.

Gay-bashing-nyc-boycultureBe on the lookout for this cretin. (Image via NYPD)

A.M. NY: A man attacked a 21-year-old woman in NYC's East Village in September — all for holding her girlfriend's hand.

NBC NEWS: Tom Daley wants an Olympic ban on countries that punish homosexuality with death.

Still-stace-book-gay-boycultureGay and Christian — at the same time! (Image via Beaming Books)

MAPLE RIDGE NEWS: Stacey Chomiak is an LGBTQ children's book author who writes about queer issues and Christianity. Her Still Stace: My Gay Christian Coming-of-Age Story is launching this month.

EXTRATV: As all hated public figures know, if you make gentle fun of yourself in public, people fold like a house of cards for you.