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Oct 28 2021
Horror Movie Hunks In The Altogether! Comments (0)

Boo! Nothing to be scared of here, as MrMan is simply gearing up for Halloween fun by checking out the sexiest studs who have shown off their treats in horror movies. And let’s just say these boys aren’t working with any Fun-Size bars. Halloween 2021 is all about treating yourself, and we’re in the mood for some full-sized treats ...

Mark Duplass loves showing off his body on camera, and this daddy lets it all hang out in the found footage horror movie Creep 2

The insanely sexy Eric Balfour famously showed his actual erect penis and had actual sex in Lie with Me. This proclivity for nudity is on full display in the DVD extras for Texas Chainsaw Massacre, where in which Eric strips nude in front of a bunch of people. He’s putting the ass in Massacre

Christian Bale is a whole damn meal, and his soapy shower in American Psycho is one for the record books. 

And in the iconic and legendary horror classic Piranha 3DD, the very cute Jean-Luc Bilodeau has sex with a woman before realizing that she has a piranha in her vagina that latches onto his penis. Dating isn’t easy for anyone! The silver lining is that we get to see his (body double’s) tan, smooth butt cheeks!