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Oct 22 2021
Peter Scolari Of BOSOM BUDDIES, NEWHART & GIRLS Dies @ 66 Comments (0)

6a00d8341c2ca253ef022ad3758d13200c-800wiHilarious and hot (GIF via GIPHY)

I just loved Peter Scolari, who died today at 66 of cancer.

Peter was my crush from Bosom Buddies (1980-1982) as Henry aka Hildegarde Desmond, and along with countless other stage, screen and TV parts, is known for Newhart (1984-1990; Emmy-nominated), Girls (2012-2017; Emmy winner) and the current series Evil (2019-2021).

Once, years ago, I rode in an elevator with him in the Paramount Building where I worked, in NYC's Times Square. I was dumbstruck, and worried he would be unpleasant if I brought up Bosom Buddies. So I ate my thrill.

I finally met him in April 2019 at what is so far my last autograph show — Chiller Theater in New Jersey. When I gushed to him about Bosom Buddies and his other work, he was anything but unpleasant, going on to sign my photo with what he said was a “novel-length” inscription. He looked at the photo and remarked, “Look at this young fella.” I wonder if he already he had cancer when he agreed to do that show. I'm so happy to have crossed his path.

Years before this, I saw him on Broadway with his Bosom buddy Tom Hanks in the late Nora Ephron's Lucky Guy (2013). I sent Peter my Playbill to sign, asking if he and Tom could both do so. Something like three years later, I got it back, signed by both, with a note from Hanks. Apparently, Peter had taken all his autograph requests with him from play to play and had finally gotten around to signing them all. He then sent mine to Tom, who signed it instantly and wanted me to get it right away.

I love them both.

Full obit here.