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Oct 07 2021
Gay Book Service Of The '50s + RuPaul's Production Deal + Soft Cell's New Jam + Tucker Must Quit + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Illuminati-scam-boycultureI feel so special! (Image via my spam folder)

ABOVE: Guys, I'm out of here — I have been chosen.

BELOW: Keep reading for a fascinating story about gay publishing, why Tucker Carlson should quit Fox News, RIP Cynthia Harris and more ...

NEW YORKER: Remembering Cory-homosexual-in-america-gay-brandt-aymar-boyculturethe Cory Book Service, which in the early '50s became the largest mailing list catering to gay men in existence with about 3,000 subscribers. I was wowed to read that a man who was instrumental to this story was Brandt Aymar (1911-1997), a longtime NYC publisher I met as a young gay man around 1992. I had no idea, but he published The Homosexual in America by Cory in 1951. Imagine the courage that took.

I also had no idea that the man who founded the invaluable book service, and who was an important early gay activist, later rejected homosexuality and argued that it was a dysfunction. It's so sad how this sort of history repeats — there are so many gay men among us who betray the rest of us, deny us, try to argue against our normalcy, side with our enemies (hullo, Brandon Straka). I wonder if that will ever end ... ?

THR: Speaking of gay history, RuPaul continues to make more — he has inked a scripted-TV deal with Sony. RuCo will focus on queer-driven dramas, animation and comedies.

Soft-cell-boycultureA welcome return to form (Image via BMG)

CLASSIC POP: Wowza — Soft Cell has released its first single since 2003, “Bruises on My Illusions,” from their forthcoming album *Happiness Not Included.

THE GUARDIAN: A 19-year-old woman in Spain visited a gynecologist and was giving an official diagnosis of ... homosexuality.

INSTAGRAM: Adele covers Vogue as part of her long-awaited return to music.

THE AIDS MEMORIAL: A remembrance of actor and photographer Tom McBride, who would have turned 69 today.

RICK'S REAL/REEL LIFE: Rick re-reads Joan Crawford's campy (or was it?) My Way of Life, drawing parallels between her later-ish years, her loss of a husband and shifting of homes, and his own. It's a good example of Cynthis-harris-mad-about-you-nbc-boyculturehow gay men use great ladies to measure ourselves against. And this time, none of Crawford's still-living torch-bearing defenders will have anything about which to be upset.

GR8ERDAYS: RIP to talented Cynthia Harris.

JOE.MY.GOD.: NHL player Evander Kane submitted a fake vaccination card rather than, y'know, just getting the goddamn shot.

MEDIA MATTERS: Tucker Carlson — who landed turncoat Andrew Yang's first post-Democratic interview (ugh, Yang is my neighbor and I just saw him slinking down the street in his blue suit and his mask) — is virulently against all vaccine mandates, and yet as Chris Hayes says, Fox News has a robust vaccine mandate. Will Carlson ever acknowledge this? Or even quit?

Fox-news-vaccine-mandate-chris-hayes-tucker-carlson-boycultureTucker is the anti-Sage Steele, somehow, when Sage Steele is bad enough. (Image via MSNBC)

MUSCLE & FITNESS: Bodybuilding champ George Peterson was found dead in a hotel room. He was just 37. No cause given.

FACEBOOK: Q. Allan Brocka will be making a personal appearance in conjunction with the Seattle Queer Film Festival screening of Boy Culture: The Series on October 16.