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Nov 04 2021
Grindr Sluts Up The Profile Pics + COVID Pill Approved + Paul Newman Memoir Found + Injustice For Ahmaud Arbery + MORE — 6-PACK Comments (0)

Joe-dallesandro-warhol-sylvia-miles-boycultureMiles away (Image via eBay)

ABOVE: Exquisite Warhol Polaroids from the set of Heat are up for grabs (to benefit charity) on eBay.

BELOW: Keep reading for cracking the Grindr code, a COVID pill, a new Paul Newman autobiography and more ...

Grindr-boycultureLuckily, these are the only four ways anyone would ever think to show their butt. (Images via Grindr)

RANDY REPORT: Grindr, the app you use to have sex, is timidly inching toward allowing mildly suggestive profile pics. Now, you can show your butt. Just not, like, really, really show it. As with so many other social media giants, Grindr will decide if your butt pic is too sexually suggestive. Sigh. Baby steps.

AOL: Here comes the world's first anti-COVID pill.

NYT: The jury in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery — the 25-year-old Black man chased through a white Georgia neighborhood and then shot to death by a pack of white men — has been selected. It is 11 white people and one Black person.

Cool-hand-luke-paul-newman-shirtless-gr8erdays-boycultureI feel like a Newman. (Image via Warner Bros.)

GR8ERDAYS: A new memoir by Paul Newman will come out in 2022 — 14 years after he died.

EXTRATV: Ellen DeGeneres opens up about how the end of her daytime talk show will feel, jokes that she'll come out as straight on the final episode.

WASHINGTON BLADE: Inside Alan Cumming's dishy new tome Baggage: Tales from a Fully Packed Life.

Gr8erdays-boyculture-Baggage_by_Alan_Cumming_book_cover_insert-scaledTales of Liza, Chita and Helen Mirren — oh, my! (Image via Dey Street)