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Nov 09 2021
Mario Lopez's Underwear Gets Risky + Alaska Thunderfuck, Author + RIP Dean Stockwell + BROS Is In The Can + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)
Danny-pintauro-shirtless-boyculture-gayShowering Whitney with praise (Image via TikTok)

ABOVE: Danny Pintauro is having a Whitney moment in the shower.

BELOW: Keep reading for show-off Mario Lopez, the death of Dean Stockwell, a new Alaska Thunderfuck book and more ...

Mario-Lopez-Risky-BusinessI am certain you get the general thrust of this. (GIF via OMG.Blog!)

OMG.BLOG! (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Mario Alaska-thunderfuck-book-boycultureLopez is a family-centric conservative — but he wants you to stare at his rockin' bod and bulge until the drops dead.

JOE.MY.GOD.: A bipartisan bill seeks to allow consumers to opt out of social media algorithms.

CHRONICLE BOOKS: Alaska Thunderfuck's new book My Name's Yours, What's Alaska? is out today! I have a special interest because I wrote Alaska's other book, Alaska Thunderfun and the Inner Space Odyssey!

KENNETH IN THE (212): Guy can barely keep his legs closed.

Boyculture-dean-stockwell-films-filming-gay-boycultureStockwell had several distinct career eras. (Image via Films and Filming)

GR8ERDAYS: RIP Dean Stockwell, 85. He was best known as the co-star of TV's Quantum Leap, but his career went way back, back to the '40s, when he was a cherub-faced kid actor in classics like Anchors Aweigh, Gentleman's Agreement and the anti-war flick The Boy with Green Hair. He later distinguished himself as a totally singular character actor. Who didn't love him in Blue Velvet or Married to the Mob?

139a4f34b70c8b7df96c236e0e387cb1Stockwell's Blue Velvet appearance was little more than a cameo — but it made the movie. (GIF via GIPHY)

TWITTER: The GOP is claiming the shelves were never bare under Trump, and yet people are remembering when basically everything was sold out in the first wave of COVID-19.

ADVOCATE: Mj Rodriguez is named Person of the Year.

INSTAGRAM: Billy Eichner's first-of-its-kind gay flick Bros is in the can! Just where so many bros like it.

YOUTUBE: Dr. Joseph Ladapo, Florida's quack Surgeon General, is exposed as having been a part of that insane presser from July 2020 when America's Frontline Doctors (!) emerged to say COVID-19 was fake and/or curable. He also appears to have lied about his credentials:

EXTRATV: America's Frontline Girlfriend, Shailene Woodley, is mad that people mistook some guy for being her fiancé Aaron Rodgers. But not so mad about all his COVID lies. 

POLITICO: Thirteen Trump officials violated the Hatch Act.

TWITTER: Sean Parnell, Trump-endorsed candidate for the Senate from Pennsylvania, stands accused of having strangled his ex. Now, listen to this utterly unhinged interview — my God, this man despises women: