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Nov 20 2021
Britney Zings Xtina + Rittenhouse Runs To Tucker Carlson + HOLLYWOOD Signs Of The Time + Demi Moore's GF? + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: How many signed Steve Grand calendars do I own by now?

BELOW: Keep reading for Britney beef, Kyle Rittenhouse's white-supremacist gig, a HOLLYWOOD update and more ...

Christina-aguilera-britney-spearsIn happier times ... (GIF via GIPHY)

EXTRATV: Britney thanks Gaga, drags Christina (who, BTW, was also very supportive not long ago).

HUFF POST: Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty — and now it comes out that Tucker Carlson has been filming him for an original doc, and that Rittenhouse will appear on Carlson's show Monday. Because nothing says 'I just wanna study nursing' like granting high-profile interviews to appease your bloodthirsty fans.

DEADLINE: Remnants of the original 1923 support system were found in a new clean-up around the iconic HOLLYWOOD sign, as part of restoration work being done in advance of its centennial.

AUTOSTRADDLE: There are suddenly gay rumors about Demi Moore. Never heard a word about this.

NYT: David Brooks knows how to trend on Twitter: “Joe Biden Is Succeeding.”

KENNETH IN THE (212): The week in queer mags:

Get-out-shirtless-gay-boycultureMatched set (Image by WilsonModels for Get Out)