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Nov 28 2021
NYT Remembers Wakefield Poole + Michael Flynn Turns On QAnon + Raven Kisses And Makes Up + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Are you ready for Ed Harris? Are you even deserving?

BELOW: Keep reading for a take on the late Wakefield Poole, Michael Flynn turns on QAnon, Raven attempts to makeup with us and more ...

Boys sand casey donovan pornBoy in the sand (Image via Wakefield Poole)

NYT: I wrote about him when he died, but it's gratifying to see that gay-porn trailblazer — yes, his was art — Wakefield Poole got the full New York Times obit treatment.

Casey donovan ass butt nude booty feet boys sand wakefield poole porn shirtless boycultureThe swingin' '70s ... (Images via Wakefield Poole)

JOE.MY.GOD.: An extreme anti-vaxxer and COVID denialist may face charges in Ireland after he convinced a deathly sick COVID sufferer to leave a hospital. The man later died, as doctors warned.

DAILY BEAST: Even QAnon hero Michael Flynn privately thinks QAnon is “total nonsense.”

Raven-painted-wow-boyculture-drag-rupaulI love the whoa!-makeup look! (Image via WOW Presents)

SOCIALITE LIFE: Raven talks spackle upon the launch of her new show Painted with Raven.

AUTOSTRADDLE: Halle Berry's messy Bruised is a gay mess — but it's gay, which I didn't know!

EXTRATV: Lindsay Lohan is engaged to a Dubai-based “wealth management” figure. Another lesbian, Jillian Michaels, is also engaged.