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Nov 02 2021
Gay Classic Returns Just As The U.S. Starts Book-Banning Again + KStew Engaged + QAnon Love-In + Madonna's PRIVATE AFFAIR + MORE! —12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: You don't see many guys that big on a tennis court, yet here we are.

BELOW: Keep reading for a gay classic, a QAnon love-in, Kristen Stewart's engagement and more ...

Joseph-hansen-boycultureThe author died in 2004. (Image via Soho Syndicate)

AMAZON: The late Joseph Hansen's trailblazing gay Dave Brandstetter mysteries are about to be republished for the first time in decades.

EXTRATV: Kristen Stewart & Dylan Meyer are engaged. One of the front-runners for an Oscar this year is an out queer woman ready to take a wife. The lambs are silent no more.

USA TODAY: Uh, there is no luciferase — no satanic anything — in the coronavirus vaccines. Plus: 99.9% of NYC coppers have complied with the mandate.

TWITTER: QAnon fools are gathering in Dallas because they expect JFK Jr. to appear to make a statement.

THE SIGNORILE REPORT: “Is New York City the Future of a Post-Pandemic World?”

AXIOS: Over 100 world leaders agree that their countries will cut methane emissions by 30%.

WAPO: On January 6, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina — now a full-on apologist for the coup attempt — reportedly shouted at Capitol cops:

What are you doing? Take back the Senate. You've got guns. Use them!

US WEEKLY: The Real Housewives of Dubai (a country where homosexuality is illegal) is coming to Bravo in 2022, courtesy of homosexual Andy Cohen.

INSTAGRAM (FOLLOWS APPRECIATED): Happy birthday, Stefanie Powers! I think The Boatniks was one of my first in-the-theater movies I saw.

L.A. TIMES: Jennifer Tilly returns to acting, all thanks to Chucky.

Boyculture Out300_Out100_Cover Sara Ramírez Cr. Easton Schirra_2They ready! (Image by Easton Schirra for Out)

OUT: Sara Ramírez is another of Out's Out100 cover-star honorees. In her interview, she says:

I also want to make it clear that the only reason I'm here is because of all the people that my life has touched and whose lives have touched mine. And as empowered as I have grown to be in my life, it's not by being alone. It's by working with others.

Unnamed(GIF via V Magazine)

YOUTUBE: Madonna and Steven Klein's short Private Affair — essentially just ultra-glam BTS footage from her new V Magazine shoot — is exponentially more flattering and interesting than the still images they produced for the final covers.

Madonna-steven-klein-v-marilyn-monroe-boycultureWhat was wrong with this? It's Madonna, it's glam, it isn't ridiculously altered. (Image via video still)