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Nov 15 2021
Lil Nas X: Man Of The Queer + A Jennifer Coolidge Christmas + Beto's In! + Saweetie Sticks Up For LGBTQ Rightrs + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I know where my gaze goes.

BELOW: Lil Nas X continues to be W0/Man of the Year, Jennifer Coolidge as Mrs. Claus, gay Republican'ts, Jamie Dornan Jamie Dornaning and more...

Lil-nas-x-gqLoving you ... (Image by Pari Dukovic for GQ)

GQ: Lil Nas X is one of GQ's Men of the Year — and his cover pose is yet another clever genderfuck. In the piece, he talks empathy for Da Baby, being shit on by Azealia Banks, abandoning atheism (bad move!) and more.

NETFLIX-single-all-way-jennifer-coolidge-boyculturePhilemon Chambers, Jennifer Coolidge & Michael Urie in a ho-ho-homosexual Netflix rom-com.(Image via Netflix)

NBC NEWS: Netflix's Single All the Way is gay, gay, gay — and has Jennifer Coolidge as the icing on the Christmas cake.

TWITTER: New Yorkers angry about mask and vaccine mandates appeared at the offices of a Jewish legislator, Jeffrey Dinowitz, awash in yellow stars and bearing swastikas. The ahistorical narcissism of these garbage people.

FIVE THIRTY EIGHT: In search of gay turncoats — LGBTQ people who insist on voting Republican:

To be sure, LGB Republicans make up a small slice of the LGBTQ+ community and an even smaller slice of the electorate, but for now at least, the Republican platform seemed to hold more weight for them than any negativity and vilification they might experience because of their sexuality. Hauxwell put it bluntly: “Sex is only a smart part of our lives, and now that I’m older, I don’t even have it, so it doesn’t matter.”

How sad he thinks being gay = having sex, and how repulsive he thinks as long as something doesn't matter to him, he shouldn't care if it matters to anyone else.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Beto O'Rourke is officially running for governor of Texas.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Jamie Dornan sings “The Rainbow Connection.”

PINK NEWS: Saweetie urges people to stand up for LGBTQ people in Hungary while hosting the MTV EMAs.

USA TODAY: Florida is the epicenter of the opioid and HIV-transmission crises in the U.S.

CNN: Michael Flynn believes the U.S. should be a strictly Christian nation — one religion, under God.

INSTAGRAM (FOLLOWS APPRECIATED): Sam Waterston's nipple is 81.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Some of Kenneth's sexy men are actually gay.

FOCUS FEATURES: Downton Abbey: A New Era hits theaters in 2022.

Downton-abbey-teaser-poster-boyculture(Image via Focus Features)