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Nov 19 2021
The Men Of INSECURE Comments (0)

It's Insecure's final season, so MrMan is hoping for some more iconic nudity. 

Insecure has been hot since day one, especially when you consider all the beautiful men that Insecure introduced us to. How about we take a stroll down memory lane and praise these beautiful booties that Issa Rae bestowed upon us ...

Obviously, we need to talk first and foremost about Jay Ellis. Jay has been a constant sexy staple on the show, showing off his backside in many sex scenes. Go on, Jay!

This most recent season brought us the beautiful butt of Alexander Hodge. It looks like his pants certainly got out of dodge during his sex scenes with Molly last season. And who could forget the ICONIC Y'lan Noel thrusting scene? I know that I never can. I think about this ass all the time.

Our personal favorite is the sexy and handsome Sarunas J. Jackson, at 6’8", he is the definition of a tall glass of water, and we are thirsty!

And of course, we would never forget to mention super hottie Kendrick Sampson? Damn, there are so many more dudes, too. A whopping nine sexy men have gone naked on this legendary show.

Check out ALL their hottest nude scenes on Insecure's page — so much man candy!