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Dec 15 2021
Hot Tennis Guys + Candace Parker's Big News + Gorsuch's Anti-Gay Anti-Vaxxerism + Films Of The Year + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Follow my friend's IG if you like up-to-the-second celebrity photography.

BELOW: Gay-parent surprise, Sandy Hook anniversary, films of the year, Library of Congress movie picks and more ...

Tennis-hotties-thighs-boycultureIt's like he knows. (Image via KIT212)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Incredibly cute guys playing tennis or doing the things they do when they're not playing tennis.

EVERYTOWN.ORG: It has been nine years since the Sandy Hook massacre.

AUTOSTRADDLE: Candace Parker is gay, married and a mom.

i-D: Photographing gay youth across Russia.

LGBTQ NATION: Justice Gorsuch thinks vaccine mandates are illegal, and uses his virulently anti-LGBTQ interpretation of law to justify it.

What-ever-happened-to-baby-jane-movies-boycultureOnly 825 films are now in the Registry — among them, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (Image via video still)

LIBRARY OF CONGRESS BLOG: The 2021 class of films going into the National Film Registry is incredibly diverse, as would any list that includes Pink Flamingos!

Power-dog-kodi-smit-mcphee-boycultureKodi Smit-McPhee gives an instant-classic supporting performance in The Power of the Dog. (Image via Netflix)

INDIEWIRE: This is what the Golden Globes should be — 187 critics worldwide cooked up this list of best films, performances and more.

EXTRATV: Billie Kyle-rittenhouse-boycultureEilish hates porn, having watched a lot of it from age 11 on.

HUFF POST: Looks like Congress will have Trump's taxes in 2 weeks.


TWITTER: Kyle Rittenhouse — whose lawyer claimed just wanted to become an anonymous nurse — is of course becoming a political speaker for $$$ with a big ol' shit-eatin' grin on his face.

TWITTER: Louisiana judge and family caught on video using the N-word uproariously over 'n' over. She claims she was given (actually, dear, you take them) a sedative and can't recall the conversation now. A sedative? If this is the judge on a downer, I'd hate to see her when she comes out of it: